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Casestudies | Teleshopping | 01.06.15


The Client felt that a lot of customers were being lost to other portals while they were trying to transact on their portal . Customers while trying to do their transactions would drop mid way due to technical problems either with their connectivity , problems with site or with problems related to payment gateway .The client was not able to establish the extent of customer and revenue  loss  and wanted a partner who could track such incidents and come out with a way of ensuring that the revenue loss was minimized to the extent possible and enhance the customer experience.


The Client is in the business of providing Travel and Hospitality services to Indian and International market. The client conducts its business by way of online portal  where customers can go and do their bookings for Air Travel and for Hotel Accommodation. The company started its operations in 2006 and is amongst the top 5 online travel portals in India. The Online Travel market is very competitive and thrives on its ability to attract customers by way of providing discounted fares , ease of use and by ensuring that transactions are able to take place without posing a problem to the customer.

The Client processes did not allow them to quantify the loss of revenue from customers facing problems while transacting and deciding to move to other online portals . The Client did not have the resources to  connect with such customers to find out if they had received a resolution , if they were able to transact again and if their experience was better the 2nd time around.
The Client needed a solutions which would help them in the following :-
- Understand the no of unique customers facing this problem.
- Reach out to these customers and provide a resolution.
- Document the problem type .
- Upgrade Technology to reduce such problem.
- Plug Revenue Loss.
- Enhance Customer Experience .


A detailed study of Client Processes was undertaken to understand how a data base of such transaction inventory could be collated on a real time basis .The Solution Incorporated high performing technology solutions which would enable achievement of the goals that the client had set for this function as demonstrated 
- Automated Collation of Customer Inventory.
- Seamless Integration with CRM
- Process for capturing VOC.
- Increase Revenue stream for this customer segment.

1Point1 implemented the following :-
- Created codes to collate such customer inventory real time.
- Integrated the tables with CRM.
- Implemented FIFO to reach out to this customer segment.
- Created Knowledge base for capturing VOC and for providing analytics.
- With Implementation of the above 1Point1 was able to deliver benefits to the Client.


• TAT achieved of 30 seconds.
• 90% contactibility on this customer segment.
• 60% of the customers were won back.
• Almost 100% Customer transactional issues were captured and shared with the client.
• Added Revenue upwards of 50 Crores per annum.
• Contributed to enhancing overall customer satisfaction by 5 basis points.


1Point1 has extensive experience of working with Online Travel portals in varied segments prime among which are Failed and Shopping Cart Transactions, Customer Support, Order Processing, Back Office Transactions  & Chat Support.

Key Highlights of how 1Point1 creates value for its customers in the Online Travel Portal segment :
• Manages 7 Million annual transactions with a combined value in excess of INR 550 Cr 
• Delivering over 30% increase in customer win backs.
• Delivering over 25% + cost savings with continuous process improvements and service levels.
• Support Transactions in more than 9 regional languages.
• Extensive experience in collaborating with Client Systems and integrating technologies.
• In house software team provides in depth software expertise required to manage CRM and dialer integrations in quick TAT. 
• Highly qualified and experienced team provides Travel Domain focus and expertise.
• Strategic partnerships across the domain help us provide quantifiable benefits to clients.
• Proprietary Tools help cull data for analytics and sustained process improvements.