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1Point1 helps manufacturing client achieve process and cost optimization

Casestudies | Manufacturing | 01.06.15

Background and Business Challenges 

This NCR based Manufacturing Company had been in business for over 35 years and with time the company grew to a size of almost 2000 employees across India. Shortly after joining the firm in 2014, their new CFO quickly identified three critical challenges within the organization which needed to be quickly addressed. 


The processing and production of payroll was being handled by a Payroll agency. This  agency  was charging exorbitant fees for the preparation of payroll, electronic tax deposits, quarterly tax returns, annual tax returns etc. Despite the excessive fees, the Payroll agency had manual processes for  tracking vacation, sick and other time off, and the organization constantly found itself requesting information that was unavailable. 

Medical Benefits.

Any questions, clarifications or employee health benefit issues needed to be handled by an external vendor  or directly with the insurance company. All of the health plan administration was being managed through the organization’s accounting department. This process was extremely time consuming and did not provide them with accurate results. “The process caused a great deal of stress to all  employees within the company. 

Employee Management.

Lacking a dedicated personnel department, the company did not have proper Human Resources systems established. Employee termination issues were not handled properly, many employees’ exempt vs. non-exempt statuses were questionable, and employee personnel files were in disarray. 

HR Solutions provided by 1 Point 1

1Point1 CONDUCTED  an initial consultation to determine which service package would best fit the needs of their company. Due to the multiple challenges, the complete HRO package was selected. This program included payroll and tax administration, human resources management, and full range of medical and voluntary employee benefit packages. 

The first step was to provide each employee with a new employment packet, including regulatory and medical information. Finally, the Business Implementation team conducted an Employee Orientation with all their existing staff and assisted them in completing the paperwork and enrolling them .

1Point1 provided the client with a dedicated Human Resources Representatives that acted as their primary liaison with all other departments –each employment challenge was addressed, and solved: 
• Payroll was processed accurately and timely, and all paid-time-off benefits were tracked and managed;
• Health benefit premiums were significantly reduced;
• All employee benefit issues were managed by the HRO Benefits Representative who acted as the intermediary between the client and insurance carrier;
• Employee files were updated and all exempt and non-exempt status questions were resolved. 
• Protected the company against making bad employment decisions and running inefficient HR systems.
• Significant cost savings in both hard and soft costs.