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E-commerce websites are no longer mere digital catalogues or shopping carts. Businesses selling their products online need custom software systems that enable them to offer cross-channel, multi-tier and engaging experiences to their customers.

The e-commerce services must be seamlessly integrated through all digital and physical touch points. Customers now like to buy chosen products and services whenever and wherever they wish. And they certainly do NOT expect to land on pages with crashed servers or see “Oops! Sorry We Couldn’t Fulfil your Request!” messages. For the businesses however it is not easy to cater to uncertain traffic and constantly upgrade the sensitivities of their websites to customer needs.

With the support of a specialist and experienced e-commerce solutions provider, the players in the online space can deliver an efficient and buyer-centric experience to their customers.


At 1Point1 we create omni-channel capabilities for businesses by providing them with versatile, modular, and mobile-friendly e-commerce platforms.

Our ecommerce BPM Solutions help them leverage cloud based micro-solutions to improve conversion rates and launch new offerings efficiently. Using our technology support and insights driven business models, e-commerce companies can serve their customers better, capitalise on new growth opportunities and choose the most rewarding areas of investment.

Our BPO solutions for the e-commerce sector
enable service providers to:

The e-commerce professionals at 1Point1 know that such platforms must always be ready for changes in traffic and to service the fluctuating demands of customers

We design scalable platforms with versatile customisation features for our clients. Yes, the e-commerce portals designed and revamped at 1Point1 are also fortified with analytical tools that give businesses one-view panes displaying the metrics of their conversions and sale patterns.

Connect with 1Point1 to subvert the boundaries. Transform your e-commerce business for exceptional customer experiences and higher profitability.


“With rapid changes in Telecom regulatory practices and cut throat competition, it is imperative to reach potential customers quickly and fulfill their requirements. 1Point1 solutions has adapted to the changes very fast and has enhanced customer experience. They have been handling our customer acquisition business for over 2 years and have been instrumental in fulfilling the Airtel Brand Promise.”