All enterprises understand that data improves the quality of marketing campaigns. What they’ve realised more recently, however, is that data can even be used to improve the customer experience in near real time. It gives businesses an understanding of the way customers analyse their product/service value and how they choose between alternatives.

A deep analysis of data helps to recognise the patterns, trends and other insights to understand the target markets.

As a part of its omnichannel solutions, 1Point1 offers Abacuz – a B.I tool that we developed in-house to help in predicting the behaviour of customers at sales and service. Leveraging predictive analytics, Abacuz looks at multiple variables including product, price, location, customer gender and age to define a business from process to process and provide more meaningful customer insights.

The customers today have a variety of online and offline tools to express their experience with a product or service. They share their thoughts on social media platforms for maximum exposure, and the kind of reviews written can significantly impact the brand image of a business.

Their sentiments need to be understood and addressed as soon as feasible. The differentiators in any industry are therefore not merely the product, price and promotion but also a new variable in the form of anxiety management. Regular data analytics tools can help to collect and read data, but when there is a customised solution that understands businesses, an organisation can derive measurable value from all the information that is around it.

Abacuz combines the expertise of research and analytics with data-driven insights to bring operational excellence. It helps businesses understand the channels of customer engagement and tries to connect customers on a single, unified platform.

With Abacuz, the 1Point1 team boosts the value of all its customer interactions and transforms raw data into valuable opportunities. Furthermore, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It treats each of clients in a unique way according to the industry they belong to and the current growth stage of their business.

With Abacuz, it is easier to get
answers to questions such as

  • Which marketing channels bring the most conversions for your business?
  • What are the ‘leaking’ points where visitors leave your website?
  • Are customers using multiple devices to research on your products before a purchase?
  • What is the usual search-to-purchase ratio of your products?
  • Which landing pages do you need to improve on your website and which ones are more effective?

This predictive analytics tool helps us in making the right use of any unstructured data in a host of dispersed emails, social media posts and phone calls with customers. It captures them all in a formal database and reveals what buyers really care about. We then turn this data into actionable insights, which will also enable an understanding of the evolving trends that can be leveraged to delight more customers

With Abacuz, 1Point1 makes the most of the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control process (DMAIC – Six Sigma) to optimise your business offerings and pave a better path to growth.