In the age of globalisation, enterprises operate amidst pressures of hyper competitiveness and accelerated business cycles. For an organisation’s success it is necessary to be agile in responding to customers’ demands, minimise operational complexities and drive innovation at a faster speed.

1Point1 helps you scale up the digitalisation of your business with automated processes that are embedded with intelligence and attuned to your markets.

We give you customised platforms that also keep up with the changing ways your customers purchase your products. By digitalising your business processes and operations we help you support your organisational transformation and manage risk and compliance. We make process automation a series of logical activities, events and instructions that can be built into a methodical system.

We enable your business operations to harness economies of scale and flexibility of resources. We also help you identify and simplify the right processes to make them simpler and faster for improved ROI and customer experience.

Our process automation solutions address the primary aspects of process design include:

  • Assessment of business process workflow and redesign
  • Choosing the automation technology features and deciding how they fit into the bigger spectrum
  • Implementing accelerated proof of concepts with specific automation solutions
  • Integrating AI to facilitate autonomic solutions, insights and business decisions

With automation solutions from 1Point1 you can eliminate errors in your business processes and get routine work done in a fraction of time than what it takes to do them manually. We will help you differentiate your business with new competencies and cost advantages while also preparing it for upcoming manifestations of Artificial Intelligence.

Partner with 1Point1 to burn out what does not work anymore and transform your organisation for future-ready efficiencies with business process automation.


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