Email Management


Email is the standard format for business communication across enterprises. Like any other form of business data, emails require formal management as per organisational standards. You need to classify your mails as per the relevance of information contained in them and delete the ones that only eat into the server bandwidth without adding any value to your operations.

With a comprehensive suite of manual processes and cloud-based models, 1Point1 help you address all your email challenges.

These include eliminating downtime, minimising the risk of data loss and eradicating spam & viruses. We deploy the necessary software systems to filter out unauthorised media attachments in emails sent into and out of your network. Our teams also help you manage your regular flow of emails and ensure timely resolutions to queries therein. Every inbox used for business needs a formal management system. You may be receiving 20 emails a day or 200.

We make it possible for you to spend less time in organising your mails and be more active at responding to the most important ones.

1Point1 can also deploy Custom Email management software system to ensure that you continually receive the emails from your clients, business partners and stakeholders if there is a planned or sudden downtime in your office. And in facilitating this business continuity the security and IT policies of your organisation are always upheld.

Your email system may be on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we’ll help you keep it in order, scalable, migration-friendly and free from spam, viruses, malware and other cyber threats.


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