Enterprize Content Management


As the corporate work culture continues to evolve along with the mounting volumes of information within organisations, a key driver for new ideas is the management of enterprise content. It is applicable in all industry domains.

A key element of our IT infrastructure administration is enterprise content management (ECM). We use it to help our clients derive the maximum value from their business data.

The strategy here involves cutting through the silos and enabling employees from various teams to work in unison and achieve common targets. 1Point1 optimises its ECM processes by leveraging innovative technologies embedded in social media. We make it easier for you to store your business data securely, retrieve it whenever and wherever you need, enhance the collaboration of your own teams and source valuable information to improve your business processes. We understand that when you are searching through your documents, spreadsheets, audio-video files and business presentations, you are not searching merely for ‘files’ but the information stored therein.

With our Cloud SaaS and hybrid solutions, we make it simpler for you to get a 360-degree view of your data – irrespective of where it originated in the organisation. We also help you tie up the multitude of data sources and make the best use of shared drives, Microsoft SharePoint and a range of ECM Systems.

The huge possibilities with Big Data, IoT and Cloud applications will help businesses improve their operational efficiencies, reduce their asset maintenance costs and upgrade to the next level of innovation. The ECM solutions at 1Point1 are already geared towards these ends. We enable the customised processing of information and data for direct improvements in your business productivity and customer engagement levels.

Our team processes your structured, semi-structured and unstructured information to meet your business goals more effectively. With our ECM solutions, you can also automate many of your document management and knowledge management tasks.

Do not be overwhelmed by the data flood that sweeps across your organisation week after week – we will ensure that these streams are continuously analysed, filtered and processed for maximum gain.

We also take steps to see that your enterprise data is safeguarded and encrypted against unauthorised access. It’s time to do away with the inefficiencies and delays buried in paper. If your traditional knowledge management systems have been outpaced by the changes in technology, deploy a solution that’s tailor-made for your organisation’s new needs. Leverage 1Point1’s ECM systems to convert the continually rising mass of information into tangible competitive benefits for your brand.