The costs of managing customers’ phone calls in large volumes can be more than the costs of services availed by them. To handle the rising number of calls, provide first call resolution, and afford round-the-clock professional customer service, organisations look for streamlined interactive voice response (IVR) solutions.

1Point1 understands the significance of a seamless IVR system and helps you deploy the same to interact with callers, collect information, and route calls to suitable agents.

The multi-level IVR systems designed by our teams employ tailored call flow mechanisms to flawlessly direct your customer to the right department.

Our multi-level IVR systems can also be integrated with cloud and help you to:

  • Get more leads and product inquires
  • Optimise the brand image of your business by ensuring quick response on all calls and reducing call waiting times
  • Boost agent productivity by helping them invest more time on solving complex customer issues
  • Enable callers in getting answers to basic queries such as billing and account information directly on IVR
  • Handle sudden large call volumes and manage peak hour calls efficiently

We create a personalised experience for your customers by integrating multiple languages – English, Hindi, Regional - in our IVR set-ups.

1Point1’s IVR software systems can handle simple & complex structures, manage the overflow between services and locations, capture necessary customer information in absence of any available agent, and incorporate other features as per your requirements.

Empower your business communications for wholesome customer experience and leverage technology to provide first time resolutions on calls. 1Point1 will reinforce your customer service with bespoke IVR solutions.