Infrastructure Management

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The success of any business depends on its continuous operations with no or minimal server downtime. And there is a range of hardware systems, software products, applications, routers and network technologies that must work flawlessly to ensure this.

1Point1 is committed to reduce the complexities and improve the efficiencies of your technology tools through centralised control, simplified innovation and automated routine maintenance tasks.

We have a trained and compliant team for the installation, maintenance and repair, as well as the monitoring, cloud migration and virtualisation of the IT assets used in the management of your business processes. With our industry-leading tools for high service levels, we can become the technology extension of your business.

Our solutions leverage the skills and expertise of more than 300 employees experienced in IT infrastructure, networking and programming. The infrastructure management by 1Point1 includes

  • Desktop Management Solutions
  • Help Desk Services
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Programs
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Data Centre and Facilities Support
  • Managed Hosting

We have driven successful programs for Infrastructure Consolidation, Service Desk Consolidation and Data Centre Transformation.

Our calculated investment in new technologies helps us to take care of multiple servers and operating systems. We have high compliance standards attuned to both internal security policies and external industry regulations.

1Point1 holds top industry certifications that include ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 along with a team comprising Microsoft Certified System Administrators and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists.

We comprehensively assess our operating system patches, antivirus software updates and other critical features of the network to ensure that it is secure and functional at all times. Our IT infrastructure bolsters a new age workplace by transforming desktop delivery, mobility, BYOD, collaboration, end-user services and network management for the most favourable outcomes to your business processes.

We understand your business priorities and can help your organisation to move from risk management, SLAs and operational excellence to real-time decision-making and become next-generation enterprises.

At 1Point1’s premises, you will find a secure, compliant, efficient and future-ready IT setup for your business. Our holistic and integrated services bring complete peace of mind for the modern organisations, their customers and their stakeholders.

As innovation continues to change the world we live in, 1Point1 will help your business processes stay in sync with them and get new insights for strong competitive advantages.