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With rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer expectations, the retail industry is undergoing a paradigm shift.

It may be with the boom of new products, markets and consumer segments, or through the growth of sales and marketing channels, retail is at a crucial edge. Customers today demand personalised, engaging and hyper-connected shopping experiences. In addition to this there is an explosion of data, connected devices, software defined architecture, cloud mobility and result-driven digital platforms - all of this compels the retailers to be agile at technology adoption and business process optimisation

1Point1 partners with retail businesses to help them shed their ineffective business models and siloed applications to bring in new solutions for enterprise competitiveness and lasting success in the age of technology


Our BPO solutions for the retail sector offerings help brick-and-mortar retail stores as also hybrid retailers to streamline their operations and engage with buyers at point of purchase to deliver personalised shopping experiences.

We leverage our domain expertise and apply deep industry insights to help our clients achieve top and bottom-line growth, cost efficiency, business agility, and better decision making.

The BPM solutions for the retail sector devised by 1Point1 steer enterprises to:

The team at 1Point1 helps retail businesses manage their costs and risks to deliver consistent, best-in - class user experience.

We believe that winning competitive strategies are developed through a unique mix of out-of-the-box innovation, excellence in execution, and flexibility to deal with unforeseen challenges. And we have collaborated with the leading enterprises in this industry to bring sustainable process transformation.

Our retail experts will also help you blend social data with market intelligence to improve your pricing strategy, product arrays and procurement methods.

Connect with 1Point1 and take your 360° brand experience across procurement, supply chain, logistics, and sales to the next level.


“With rapid changes in Telecom regulatory practices and cut throat competition, it is imperative to reach potential customers quickly and fulfill their requirements. 1Point1 solutions has adapted to the changes very fast and has enhanced customer experience. They have been handling our customer acquisition business for over 2 years and have been instrumental in fulfilling the Airtel Brand Promise.”