Secure Data solutions


Businesses today are fuelled by data. And to maintain the trust that the customers place in your brand, you want your enterprise data to be clean, organised, secure and always accessible.

At 1Point1, we know that data is at the heart of the security policies planned by the CTOs. However, to grow in competitive industrial scenarios, businesses also need to embrace innovation and mingle with the increasingly connected digital world.

Unfortunately, this can expose them to the cyber threats landscape that is expansive, intricate and continually changing. Amidst such conflicting scenarios, it becomes progressively difficult to manage the IT and data risks. To help its clients on this front, 1Point1 brings comprehensive compliance solutions for the security of their business data. When you outsource your business processes, we safeguard the data therein with a 360-degree portfolio of risk management.

We incorporate enterprise-grade security at our centres to facilitate the earliest detection and removal of any threat that can affect or sabotage your data. We deploy well-planned and resilient industry- specific data security tools. With advanced and round-the-clock security solutions, 1Point1 fully safeguards its clients’ transformational journeys.

The threats today must be addressed with multi-layer and multi-vendor sets of solutions. At 1Point1, we know that mere installations of firewalls on network boundaries and anti-virus software systems do not help. An organisation handling key business processes must have more advanced setups to stay secure against any attempts at data theft.

We also understand that cyber threats cannot be eliminated from the digital world. If not tackled efficiently, they can cause irreparable damage to any confidential business information and data. This is why we integrate multiple components of IT and data security at our workplace and follow the highest standards of compliance and industry regulations.

Our data security officers monitor all system logs and network to check for and thwart any unusual or suspicious activity. They regularly evaluate, design, implement, document and automate streamlined securitypolicies that support and strengthen your business processes. They are well versed in vital technical security control environments and compliance frameworks, including CSA CCM and ISO 27017.

1Point1 is also particular about data backups and leverages secure cloud solutions for the same. Further, it is strengthened by automation and an end-to-end encryption of your data. With strict data privacy laws followed by all its employees, 1Point1 ensures more security for its clients’ business data than what they can usually manage within their own premises. We use a balanced combination of control over technology, Internet and cloud and have a trained, mature team of employees who adopt best practices to keep cyber criminals away from confidential information. Visit one of the 1Point1 offices to see how well-equipped we are to keep your data secure at all times.