Security operations management


When a business designs and deploys its security operations centre, it faces several challenges. Most of these centres remain event-focused and reactive in nature as there is hardly any centralisation of alerts and incident management.

As a BPO and BPM services provider, 1Point1 ensures a streamlined and secure operations framework that its clients need. We ensure that it seamlessly incorporates their business context and collaboration with customers. We orchestrate intelligence, processes and resources into the business IT security models.

We understand that technology is the bedrock of the BPO domain and prioritise our customer requirements while designing our technology tools for them. For 1Point1, ensuring the best of security methodologies at each step of any process implementation is a business goal. Our IT officers also deliver full support for those seemingly complicated system integration installations that span numerous business functions.

Enterprises have their own distinct security needs as per the markets and market segments they work in. To create an optimum security operations package, we categorise and evaluate the risk profiles of our clients’ businesses, understand what their vital data assets are and check their usual approach to security. Considering each of these factors and the organisation’s business goals, we customise the end-to-end solutions provided through our security operations management framework.

Our ISO certifications and references from our esteemed clients substantiate our claims to the security control measures. We are also proud of a dedicated IT team serving businesses round the clock to ensure that their data and customer details are never compromised. In addition to monitoring process security, they ensure that the servers assigned to each department are well encrypted and have regular backups. In case of any disaster, they act swiftly to restore operations and minimalise the downtime

As a business, you may be using the valuable features of cloud, IoT, Big Data and mobility – we can help you to deal with and address the security challenges that these are known to bring. With 1Point1’s security operations management, you can always look forward to business journeys that are seamless, secure and compliant with the regulatory standards in your industry and global regions of operation.

We don’t work like vendors – we become your partners in growth and deploy the strategic IT security plans that help you realise your full potential and business objectives. When you delegate any work to us, we help you to reduce the risks and the costs of risk control. This, in turn, helps you protect and promote your brand image.

With its security operations management, 1Point1 brings sophisticated methodologies to manage and safeguard your assets. Talk to one of our security experts today to know more about how you can continually improve compliance in your enterprise.