Amidst rising incidents of cyber attacks, businesses must evaluate their software and applications comprehensively, and this cannot be achieved by any standalone test. It is important to have a well-defined Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing approach to get a more comprehensive idea of the threats and to protect the business data assets from nasty attacks.

With a Vulnerability, Attack and Penetration Testing expert by your side, it becomes easier for IT teams to mitigate the critical vulnerabilities of an enterprise. 1Point1 takes particular care of this factor while handling its clients’ business processes. We employ the best of measures to discover, classify and kill any problem that can threaten business data.

Besides ensuring high security and compliance standards at our own centres, our penetration testing methodologies have helped organisations across different industries uncover the vulnerabilities buried in their legacy technologies and custom processes. We define and deploy the actionable steps that secure your systems more strongly.

To manage any vulnerability in networks, there is a need for multiple tools including antivirus software, firewalls and intrusion detection setups. Leveraging our circle of vendors, we use the ones that are in tune with high global standards for IT security.

Our IT administrators conduct security tests on the network with an outside-in method. This tests a network from the hackers’ perspective and allows us to detect and take measures against any system weakness before the intruders get an opportunity.1Point1 has bespoke platforms to discover the different problems that can jeopardise applications. We take all measures to protect our clients’ business apps, insightful customer data and their brand image. We gauge our own success by the degree of security and compliance that we can infuse in their business processes. Our team ensures that the organisations we work for do not have to spend extra money and efforts on retroactive fixes and patches in their enterprise software

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing methods enable our IT officers to understand even a minor flaw in any system and the impending risks associated with it. They can work on both static and dynamic codes to check if any functionality is amiss and can result in security breaches

We have high levels of encryption for the IT systems that support your business processes at 1Point1. Our penetration testers and application developers do not just filter through the features that have no threats –they are proactive at fixing the problems that can surface even later in a business process management cycle.

1Point1 is fully dedicated to the task of scanning the horizon, monitoring bot activities and analysing intelligence to take preventative actions against security breach of any kind. Our aim at each project is to securely align technology with the business processes of our clients, and we are dedicated to seamlessly advancing their short- and long-term goals.