While the strategies to offer great customer service are easy to mould in board rooms, they are not at all simple to execute. Customer support process becomes time and resource consuming and it is difficult to keep up with hundreds of phone calls, emails and social media comments pouring in every hour

1Point1 becomes your partner in customer workflow management and capacity modelling. We deploy custom software and apps to help you manage your service levels.

Our team works to ensure that your resolutions against customer concerns are always delivered in established time-frames and as per standard process maps. In the dynamic and ever evolving markets, we provide models for fact-based, analytics-driven decision making. With our tailored applications you can identify real time call volume patterns and record the experience of customers. You can understand their needs, formulate priorities on matters that must be resolved and make relevant recommendations for faster resolution of complaints. You can also direct the matters to the right customer service reps to resolve the concerns raised through phone calls, chat services and e-mails.

Our workflow management services help you administer your call flow patterns and we suggest the best suites for scheduling of manpower to reach the desired service levels.

By leveraging 1Point1’s workflow management and capacity modelling solutions you can cost-effectively:

  • Analyse and estimate demand for your business offerings
  • Translate demand into capacity needs
  • Comprehend existing and planned capacities
  • Align demand, supply and business goals

With our tech support you can model your capacity plans for apt utilisation of resources in customer service. In optimising capacity planning, we also help you prepare for imminent business workloads and use analytics to compare public and private cloud costs.

Let our team facilitate a competitive advantage for your enterprise through reduced time-to-market for new launches, faster growth, flexible scalability and more agility in responding to market changes.


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