Analysing your customer calls is a great way to gather insights on customer satisfaction, customer churn, service issues, employee performance, service campaign efficacy, and competitive intelligence. However, the massive call volume weakens a business’s ability of manually reviewing the call logs and analysing each agent’s skill sets.

With our Speech Analytics tools, you can identify your customer sentiments and possible behaviour patterns.

We support your business with deep Voice of Customer analytics that predict customers’ propensity of next action. These could be negative reviews on social media or escalation of complaints. The timely alerts on problems that can result on loss of customer patronage lead to the best course of action to end such problems in the earliest stages. 1Point1 also offers technology-enabled, customised solutions to help your agents reduce their average call handling time and provide first time resolution on more calls.

We make it possible for you to reduce your customer churn rate by uncovering the root causes of issues and identifying at-risk customers.

Get your own Speech Analytics tools and support through 1Point1 to measure and track your customer engagement through KPIs such as Customer satisfaction score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

We will make it simpler for your company to improve its quality monitoring processes with larger samples and interaction types. And we’ll also help you to train your agents by analysing their individual performance.


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